Addison Moss

2024 | TX: Pearland
1.2K |

Jason Karim

Jan 10, 2022

Addison is a versatile player who can literally play any position on the court at an extremely high level. What is more impressive than her skill is her attitude, work ethic and demeanor. She is always positive and always hungry to get better. As a hitter, she has a natural touch on the ball and can effortlessly change her shot whenever she needs to. As a passer, she has the same natural touch and an uncanny ability to read the court. Addison will raise the level of a team regardless of what position she plays and will undoubtedly make her teammates play at a higher level simply by being on the court.

Alexandra Aguilera

Jan 4, 2022

Addison is a determined and disciplined athlete who is always looking for extra court time outside of practice. She is highly coachable and great under pressure situations. Along with being a dynamic 6 rotation outside hitter, she has as a very high volleyball IQ and great court awareness.

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