Alessandra Sierra

2023 | GA: Acworth
1.2K |

Trina Braden

Jul 20, 2021

Allie is a dynamic DS/Libero that plays the game with every ounce of her soul. She is relentless in pursuit of every ball. Her energy is extremely infectious and watching her makes you want to step up your own game. Allie plays both left back and middle back very well and there isn't a ball that she will not run down. With regards to serve receive, she excels with shorts serves as she is explosive and moves her feet very well. Allie is a coach's dream!! She is very coachable and always puts her team first. She is a strong addition to any team. I see her competing at the DI level in the very near future!!

Jessica Feder

Jul 6, 2021

Allie is a burst of energy that every team needs. She gives 100% of herself to the team 100% of them time. She is a DS/Libero that is eager to learn and fine tune her skills. Because of her speed and agility, Allie is key in middle back.

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