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Kaitlyn Gotsch

2023 | TX: Friendswood
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disciplined, determined, coachable, student of the game

My name is Kaitlyn Gotsch, I graduate in 2023, and I'm currently 6'3 with a wingspan of 6'7". My volleyball career started in the spring of 7th grade, with a 3-month league at Sky-High. I knew I loved volleyball as soon as I was thrown onto that little team. The environment of the people involved in the sport I feel like is a one-of-a-kind thing. Everyone must truly work together to succeed, which for me was lacking when I played basketball. That love for the game is what has driven me through, even when I was the new player in town and behind in skills.

The covid pandemic was hard for a lot of people, including myself, but I used volleyball as my anchor. Despite not being able to do much teamwork I worked extra hard on myself, finding new ways to build up my speed & strength. I also tried finding coaches whenever possible that would be open to doing a private. The extra time covid gave me was something that truly was a blessing in disguise as I was able to improve my vertical by about 5 inches during that time (Currently, I have increased my jump by over 7 inches since Spring of 2020). I also was able to grow my self-confidence and figure out what kind of player I was and where I wanted to be. I am a player that will always be there for her teammates on and off the court. I will always be pushing myself to get better and be putting in the work outside of the normal hours. I also can be extremely hard on myself which is something I'm working on controlling by using that hardness into a skill set that will help me.

When I first go to visit a college, I want to make sure that I love the environment and can tell right away that the team is going to be my second family. My academic goals for high school are to maintain a 90 and above in all my classes even when I continue to pursue AP and dual credit. I also still have to find a major that interests me so I'm trying to get as much exposure as I can in high school. In college, I want to keep a high level of academic challenges, academic success, and play at the highest level possible.

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