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Alaina Lester
#43: RS, Mid
IL: Millstadt
5'8" '24
134 A-
Energetic and a good team player. Coachable and a good listener. Many different skills - multi-sport athlete. I love practicing and learning new techniques.  
Ashleigh Jamruk
#06: L, DS
IL: Breese
5'7" '23
120 A
I'm a coachable player who stays disciplined and will always show up for my team no matter what  
Emily Ess
#07: RS, Mid
IL: New Baden
5'10" '24
143 B-
multi-sport athlete, coachable, willing to learn new skills and positions, helps teammates out if needed.  
Emma Howard
#19: OH, DS
IL: Belleville
5'6" '24
I am a motivated, team player and coachable. I want to continue and get better. I absolutely love playing volleyball. I have solid presence on the court.  
Emma Johnson
#29: Mid
IL: Breese
6'1" '24
120 A+
i love the sport which leads be an energetic and talkative player on the court. I am very determined and have a strong game awareness.  
Faith Williams
#14: OH
IL: Belleville
5'8" '23
185 B-
Good energy, always want the best for my team, coachable, excited, friendly, strong mentality  
Hanna Matarelli
#05: L, DS
IL: Edwardsville
5'2" '24
123 A-
Coachable, hard working, high volleyball iq, determined, team player, leader, aggressive, quick and fast, competitive.  
Kendell Kingdon
#01: OH, Mid
IL: O Fallon
5'9" '24
140 B
I am a coachable team player that is willing to go the extra mile to help my team succeed. I'm an aggressive powerful hitter that loves to play.  
Madelyn Schield
#18: S
IL: Belleviile
5'4" '23
110 A-
I am confident in my abilities and trust that putting work in at practice will flow into my game performance. I am a proactive thinker and a team player.  
Olivia Johnes
#09: RS, S
IL: Edwardsville
5'7" '24
127 A-
Focused, team player, coachable, energy on and off the court, strong work ethic and drive, determined, and perseverance.  
Ryan Gamblin
#80: RS
IL: Millstadt
5'9" '23
120 A+
I am coachable, determined, enthusiastic, encouraging, I love playing volleyball whenever I can.  
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ASICS Show Me National Qualifier 15s-17s
Apr 9-11 '21
MO: Kansas City
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