Princeton VBC 16-1

Princeton, New Jersey
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Ainsley Jordan
#16: OH, RS, Mid, DS
PA: Newtown
5'10" '23
160 A
I have played outside, right side, middle, and some DS. I have fun playing, but I am very disciplined. I am very determined and driven.  
Amy Tao
#04: OH, DS
PA: New Hope
5'7" '22
committed student athlete, smart hitter and solid passer  
Avery Vaughan
#08: OH, RS, Mid
PA: Bucks County
5'11" '23
140 A
Committed player, student, and person. Always motivated to get more playing time and improve my skill level. Very coachable and responsible. I am a team player.  
Elizabeth Mellon
#11: Mid
PA: Yardley
6'0" '23
145 A+
Strong athlete and student -- positive, coachable multi-sport athlete (volleyball, basketball, rowing), high honors academically.  
Gina Caraccio
#03: OH, RS, S
PA: Churchville
5'8" '23
125 B
I am very coachable, aggressive, and determined  
Keira Rogan
#24: OH, DS
PA: Morrisville
5'5" '23
Strong team player. Motivated, disciplined & focused.  
Kira Sendlock
#00: OH, S
PA: Morrisville
5'7" '23
125 A+
coachable, team player, determined, strong game knowledge  
Lindsey Korn
#19: L, DS
PA: Richboro
5'5" '23
130 A-
I am coachable, I always take advice from coaches, I am a team leader, I never give up, and I’m smart on the court. I’m also a peoples person.  
Michaela Kwak
#13: OH, DS
NJ: Pennington
5'7" '23
111 A-
I work hard at academics, and I love sports.  
Sophie Lentz
#28: OH, RS, Mid
PA: Newtown
5'10" '23
126 A-
Coachable, positive teammate. Works hard to keep improving.  
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